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St. 凯特的富布赖特学者艾迪生十字勋章


女性目前占美国受教育人口的一半以上.S. 劳动力. 她们在许多领域和高管职位上的代表性仍然不足, 在高管层中只占25%的席位.

St. 凯特将通过168体育官方官网有史以来最大的综合运动来改变这一现状


We are focused on providing our students––42 percent of whom are BIPOC women––with state-of-the-art facilities, 以社会公正为基础的教育, 以及领导一个以所有人为中心的未来的真正机会.


168体育官方官网致力于培养未来的女性领导人. 捐款将有助于扩大财政援助和增加可获得性, 支持创建学术参与办公室, 并帮助建立一条成功之路,超越圣. 凯特的.


168体育官方官网的教职员工, 有经验的, 以及决心将圣. 凯特大学是一所创新而著名的大学.

捐款将用于为新教员提供强有力的指导计划, 促进社区伙伴关系, 并创建一个创新和包容性卓越中心.


Our ability to spontaneously access funds for supporting students in need supports greater retention. Donations made to the Katie Fund allow us to give directly to the areas with the greatest need, 减轻不可预见开支的负担, 抓住改进的机会.


它以其美丽和历史而闻名于世. 168体育官方官网校园是一个不断变化的未来的背景.  Funds will support the restoration 而且 update our cherished Our Lady of Victory Chapel, 并确保它在未来几代凯蒂身上保持强大.


Renovating the Historic Mendel Building to Diversify the Future of STEM. We are on a mission to change the face of STEM 领袖ship—to better reflect the diversity of our country 而且 our world. Funds will help us create modern 而且 well-equipped science 而且 technology spaces for the Future of STEM.

Retired Director of Mental Health 而且 Substance Abuse at Allina Health

唐娜Krzmarzick’s educational journey is not the story of a traditional four-year college experience. 而不是, her story reflects the unique obstacles 而且 challenges — as well as the triumphs 而且 values – shared by many students who have made a home at St. 凯特的. Krzmarzick开始了她的故事, 就像很多凯蒂一样, 带着她来到这个世界的女人:她的母亲.

Krzmarzick’s mother grew up on a farm, working hard to meet the needs of her family. 长时间工作的现实, 沉重的劳动, 而且 around-the-clock responsibilities kept Krzmarzick’s mother from school, 而且 her husb而且-to-be dropped out for similar reasons before high school. 然而, 当时克兹马齐克的母亲没有上高中, several nuns showed up at her family farm to convince her parents that she should continue her education. Their efforts were a success, 而且 when Krzmarzick’s mother graduated, she did so as valedictorian. 然而, 说到上大学, “我母亲不被允许继续深造,克兹马齐克说, “but she became a strong advocate for all of her children to attend college.”

Growing up, Krzmarzick继承了母亲对教育的热爱, 而且 her father humored Krzmarzick’s fascination with hospitals by sneaking her in to visit her mother after the birth of a younger sibling. The atmosphere of determination 而且 the importance of the work taking place around her captivated Krzmarzick. “我上高中的时候,克兹马齐克说, “I decided I wanted to be a registered nurse 而且 practice nursing in a hospital. St. 凯特的 was my first choice because it was a Catholic women’s college with an excellent reputation.”

Unfortunately, 这个家庭负担不起学费, 所以克兹马齐克参加了一个为期三年的项目. 玛丽护理学院(现在是圣. 168体育官方官网). 毕业后, she quickly proved her mettle in psychiatric nursing 而且 began exploring the ranks of management. In the 1980s, Krzmarzick was named director of behavioral health at Metropolitan Medical Center. "因为我想继续领导和影响,克兹马齐克说, “我决定继续深造商科. 我参加了圣. 凯特的, which was a perfect fit, 而且 graduated in 1986 with a BA in Business Administration.” Then in her forties, Krzmarzick asked her parents if they would like to attend her graduation. 他们非常高兴,响亮地回答说“是”. “我的父母参加了我的毕业典礼, 168体育官方官网都很高兴这个梦想实现了,克兹马齐克说.

“The St. 168体育官方官网 mission is important to me because I have embraced ‘educating women to lead 而且 influence’ for most of my life,克兹马齐克说. 在她余下的职业生涯中,她将这种精神发扬光大, working for multiple hospitals in executive roles 而且 serving as a mentor, 领袖, 医院道德委员会的代表.

After retiring in 2012, Krzmarzick began thinking about the University that had supported her goals as a Catholic woman committed to self-empowerment, 卓越, 和服务. Like everything else in her life, Krzmarzick approached reconnecting to St. 凯特的 with all she had: “In June 2012, I attended my 50th Reunion at St. 这激励了我的目标,让我更积极地参与其中. 我成为了总统论坛的成员,在圣. 凯特的 booth during the State Fair, participated in Citizen Katie, 而且 donated on 献给圣. 凯特的一天.”

Not only did Krzmarzick reunite with the St. 168体育官方官网社区, but she began helping to build a future with more resources 而且 support for St. 凯特的 students experiencing barriers to education similar to those that Krzmarzick 而且 her mother faced. “I became a member of the Alumnae 学生 Events Committee 而且 the Alumnae Council, 我参加了《168体育官方官网》系列讲座, 辅导护生, 参加了多个圣. 凯特的活动,”Krzmarzick说. “In 2017, I established a nursing scholarship for nursing students that is active to this day.”

Through her commitment 而且 generosity, Krzmarzick has built for herself a vibrant community at St. 凯特的, as well as purpose-driven work to further her lifelong goal of supporting 而且 encouraging women 领袖s through education. Her endowed scholarship for nursing students represents a symbolic closing to her own educational journey, 从受挫的学生到自豪的回馈校友. 

Her most personal philanthropic tie to St. 凯特的, 然而, 直到2022年她60岁的重聚庆典才来, where she attended a special session about LEAD & INFLUENCE: The Campaign for the Next Level of Excellence. Krzmarzick说, “我参观了胜利圣母教堂, 而且, 因为这是我在校园里最喜欢的地方之一, I was very interested in pursuing the opportunity to assist in its preservation.” 

After the presentation, 说Krzmarzick, “我见过伊丽莎白·哈洛伦, 执行副总裁兼首席发展官, 而且 I shared with her a story regarding reconnecting with my daughter who I gave up for adoption as a baby. I decided I wanted to purchase a window with my name 而且 the renovation of a pew with her name. The light from my window will shine upon her pew, which will be a symbol of God’s gift to both of us.”

Through her gifts to the campaign, Krzmarzick’s personal 而且 professional legacy will be built into the physical heart of St. 凯特家,教堂. This University has been many things to Krzmarzick throughout her lifetime, 她给人们留下了不可磨灭的印记, 文化, 和校园组成了圣. 168体育官方官网. The nuns who chased her mother back to high school many decades ago could only dream of the shining example that Krzmarzick would become for women, 医疗保健领导人, 也是全国最大的天主教女子大学. 

“It has been a blessing to have the opportunity to give back,克兹马齐克说, “因为我珍惜我在圣. 凯特的. 你对大学的贡献永远不会后悔, as it reinforces the importance of educating women to lead 而且 influence.” 

To Krzmarzick – a true 领袖 而且 influencer, 还有一个彻头彻尾的凯蒂,168体育官方官网能说的只有谢谢. 



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